Life update time! by Pan-Mingshu
April 10th, 2018, 2:11 am
Ok, so here's what's up:

• I'm seeing a therapist about a medical transition
• Got diagnosed with a depressive disorder and will get medication for that
• Decided to change to B+W for Smiler to save on time/labour
• Got a keyboard for my iPad so I have my shortcuts back, it's making things go much faster.

I'm not going to name an update schedule, because unfortunately my life is just too inconsistent right now. My work shifts are random and week-to-week, I still have a project to work on for my Jewellery workshop at uni, plus the aforementioned therapy stuff.

BUT I will be trying to finish a page a week, and I'll just upload them as they're done. Once I've been doing it like that for a while, I'll reevaluate an actual update schedule and maybe even reactivate Patreon, if I can maintain some consistency.

In the meantime, here's a look test for Smiler's new visual format:

It's 30-something King Demeter, kinging it up with wee baby Reese strapped to her chest. Bonus Ungle Argus on the left, there.